Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Dulcimer

Last Monday, (labor day) we decided to go to the state fair. For some reason I was really excited about the state fair and felt like the year just could not pass by without attending (even though I haven't been in years).

When we arrived it was raining like crazy, but that didn't deter us from getting our state fair time in (aka fried food for us, lots of animals for Aubrey). We struck a lucky note immediately when a woman gave us a free ticket into the park, but came quickly down from our high when we realized there were no animals! They had left that morning! Luckily, there was still plenty of fried food. And Aubrey was having so much fun people watching, I don't think she really missed the animals.

When we entered an old agriculture building there was a line of hand carved dulcimers in the first display.

Me: Dulcimer? It seems like I've heard of the instrument before.
Martin: Yeah. You heard about it from me. Remember. When we were talking about great movie titles? The Piano. The Dulcimer. The Notebook. I know what I'm talking about, see?

You can find that first conversation here

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  1. hi jenna! so, my mom is a blog stalker and would like me to subtly convey that "those kids with the red curls are adorable". so... done & done. minus the subtle part. :)