Friday, November 16, 2012

Uncle Gabe

Last night Martin and Gabe were lucky enough to attend a Buffalo Bills game. When they returned home last night Gabe crashed on our couch for the night since it was so late. This morning, Aubrey was really excited to go down and say good morning to him.

When I came downstairs after my shower she was sitting in her chair eating Cheerios. After she was done I let her out of the chair which is when she noticed the small gathering of cereal she had dropped on the ground throughout breakfast.

Aubrey: Oh no! Cheerios.
Me: I know! Who dropped those on the ground?
Aubrey: (without blinking an eye) Uncle Gabe.
(Aubrey walks over to Uncle Gabe)
Aubrey: Uncle Gabe, you get Cheerios on the floor!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Demolition and Home Improvements

On Sunday we spent the day dedicated to The Tree. The massive Dead tree in our front yard with a family of raccoons making a home for winter in the center of the trunk. The tree that was threatening to fall on our house during the year's first ice storm. The tree that incidentally was also obstructing the view of our home so I had yet to post a decent picture of the outside. That tree.

When I say WE devoted our day to this project I use that term very loosely because my involvement was minimal at best. Putting a chain saw in my hands would surely cause more destruction than good. But, Martin and our very generous neighbor Tom whom we'd be lost without most definitely devoted the day to this work.

And now it's down! And our home looks so lovely! And I can't imagine
I could be more happy to finally post a photo of the outside!

Also, our house was a little like grand central station on Sunday which is exactly what I've always wanted! People stopping over for lunch. Grilling and picnic tables. A friendly stop on the way to family dinner. Sharing dinner with us. It's basically my life dream and for the first time ever Sunday was the day it came true.

So keep coming! Stop over unannounced! Don't think you're imposing. You will literally be fulfilling a life dream of mine!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 10 on 10

1. Raking leaves. And having lots of fun jumping in the giant pile.
2. Tired out after a hard morning working in the yard.
3. I'm a little excited about thanksgiving. Planning my day by day hour by hour list. Aubrey helped with her own notes.
4. Love vegetables sitting on my butcher block.
5. A before dinner snack. Who can resist a roll.
6. An egg for dinner! And eating it on the countertop. Today is certainly a good day.
7. In the battle of dishes versus Jenna I am winning. To be fair, the dishes have been winning since Tuesday but I'm pretty sure they can't keep score.
8. What is a bath without a large assortment of fish.
9. Baby bump 27 weeks. Someone tell me how this thing is going to make it another 13 weeks.
10. Puzzle before grandma's this evening.

I just realized that my phone mixed up the order on these pictures and I can't figure out how to fix it. Hopefully you can match the descriptions with the pictures. Ps. What did I possibly take pictures of before Aubrey?

Oh Chips!

Martin: Hey Aubrey guess what??
Aubrey: What daddy?
Martin: Brownie is going to have a baby!
Aubrey: Brownie have a baby??!

During this entire conversation Martin is getting some tortilla chips and salsa ready.

Martin: Yeah. Isn't that exciting?
Aubrey: Ooooo chips!!!
Martin: I guess it's not as exciting as I thought it was.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Please, Thank You, and I'm Sorry

Aubrey loves saying please and thank you.

"cereal please mommy"
"thank you mommy"

The other morning we were brushing our teeth when Aubrey sneezed -projecting a giant wad of snot all over her face. I attempted to blow her nose and was greeted not with please and thank you but with a stream of indecipherable yelling. Apparently, she did not want her nose to be blown.

"Aubrey, I have to blow your nose. Otherwise all that grossness is going to run down onto your clean teeth and that's not going to taste very good."

She paused for a moment. ...

"oh, sorry mommy"

I love it when our conversations result in understanding!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pictures of the New House

I'm not really sure how these pictures are going to show up in the post. They are sort of hiding down at the bottom of my phone, but I wanted to post a few pictures of our new house. Here is the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room. The kitchen is by far my favorite room in the house! The giant butcher block counter island in the center apparently came from an old textile factory in buffalo and you can actually see million knife marks in one corner where the worker would throw the knife after cutting a button. I love the windows in the dining room. Right now we have a huge foldout table I borrowed from my mom in there but I have big plans for Martin and I to make a beautiful farmhouse table this winter. And the living room is super cozy. I an extremely excited about the fireplace and can't wait to start our first fire! Also, if you can't tell - there is a ton of built ins throughout the house. I basically put ALL of my pictures on the built in in the living room so it sort of looks like my camera threw up on that wall but I'm in love with it anyway!!

So ... That's our new house!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Center Urinal

I still don't have Internet access at the new house and, in general, hate posting from my phone... But I also feel like I've been away for waaaay too long and need to get back to updating. Even if its for nothing other than my own sanity.

So a quick story from a great wedding we attended two weeks ago.

Martin: ( returning from the bathroom) you will never believe what just happened in there!
Me: what????
Martin: I walked in and there was a guy using the middle urinal!!
Me: so?
Martin: so, gabe went in the stall. So I had to use the urinal right next to him!
Me: ok??
Martin: you don't do that! It was like he wanted me to see his junk.

And I learned something new that night. You should never take the center urinal.