Monday, August 29, 2011


Martin and I have a lot of ridiculous conversations. Based on this website, you might believe all of our conversations are ridiculous. That is not entirely true. The conversations grounded in intellect and seriousness just aren't really worth posting. The following conversation may be one of the most ridiculous conversations we have had to date.

Martin: If I wanted to create a chick flick, I would just take any word and put THE in front of it. Anything that starts with 'the' is a girl movie.
Me: Like what?
Martin: The Notebook.
Me: Ok. Like what else?
Martin: Well. You'll have to give me a second to think. Isn't there something about the sun rising?
Me: The Sun Also Rises? That's a book.
Martin: You can't put me on the spot like this. I can't think of one now.
Me: Seems like a pretty loose theory.
Martin: I'm just saying. I think I could create movies titles. I would create hit movie titiles and they would be hits just because the title started with 'the'. It sounds so much more sophisticated. I would just have a running list of titles. 'The Willow' or just 'The Book'. Forget 'The Notebook' just 'The Book'
Me: I read a book called 'The Reader' once. It was really good.
Martin: See! That would be a girl movie. If it was a movie for guys it would be called RoboReader.

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