Thursday, May 31, 2012


Alex: Hey Jenna, check out how high I can swing!
Me: I see you.
Alex: Do you see how high I'm going. I'm in the tree.
Me: It sounds like you're a little kid and you're trying to show off a new trick to me.
(Martin and Mitchell start laughing in agreement. Aubrey starts laughing because she likes to join in on all laughter.)
Alex: But I am going really high right.
Me: Yeah. It looks like you're sitting on the branches.
Alex: (confidentally) That's how I thought it was going to look from your angle.

*for those of you unclear as to who Alex is, he is the almost 24 year old in the center

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Instaweek (and a half) 3

I think it's safe to sum the the three photos above by saying that Aubrey is adorable. Even with a terrible cut on her nose from a fall in the driveway....she's still the cutest girl I know.

We've been really into grilling as the weather has been so gorgeous. I think we grilled everyday last week which is definitely ok with me.

A "self photo" of me and my pretty.

Swinging before lunch.

Chasing a kitty at a winery.

Look at all those hungry calves ready for their dinner.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Just Keep Getting Cooler...

The other day Aubrey and I were playing in my mom's driveway. Aubrey was running around in circles and I was throwing balls at this basketball hoop. I was not bothered by the fact that it is intended for toddlers. I was trying to reach a world record for greatest number of baskets in a row.

I got to 18.

And just to give you a little perspective. This is where I was sitting.

While I was absorbed in this major feat Aubrey showed off her new skills too. She can climb the steps of the slide and slide down all by herself!

Lucky for me, I can live vicariously through my child's accomplishments instead of highlighting my own athletic abilities.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yellow Polka Dot Shorts

Check out Aubrey's shorts. Aren't they awesome. I seriously want them in my size. They're so stylish. And who doesn't love polka dots???? When did hand-me-downs get to be so awesome!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


A few weeks ago I had a dream that Martin dumped me for one of my college roommates (who is also married). In this dream, after I had been dumped, they were cuddled up on our couch reading Farm Journal and Martin was telling her How nice it is that you read Farm Journal with me. Jenna would never read this magazine.

Since this dream, I haven't really made any attempt to get into Farm Journal. But, it was sitting out  (and open) on the table after breakfast Sunday morning and I glanced down at it because reading would honestly require zero effort on my part. Unfortunately, I read the article title and my imagination ran wild about the possibilities when this type of article would ever be applicable in humans. Would we ever reach a point where we are trying to reduce lameness and boost fertility at the same time? I was so distracted by my thoughts that I forgot to read further. So the answer is, no, I haven't learned the key to reducing lameness or increasing fertility.

But...I did just realize this isn't even Farm Journal. It's Dairy Herd Management.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Clothes Line

It was too gorgeous to not hang clothes out to dry this weekend. Unfortunately, I don't have a clothes line. This works pretty well though. As I was hanging the clothes out to dry I remember getting embarrassed by my mom as a teenager for hanging my underwear out for everyone to see.  At the time it seemed ridiculous and when she said, I'm not going to run the dryer just for underwear I wasn't consoled. Now, as an adult, I've adopted a similar theory. But, when Aubrey has the same concerns in a few years,  I'll probably tell her that if people are even paying any attention to her underwear hanging on the line they're most likely thinking

Look at those green polka dot underwear. Those Brunings sure do have good taste in undergarments.


Mom: So, I know you're apartment gets really hot in the summer since it's upstairs. Maybe you guys should get an air conditioner.
Me: That seems like a permanent solution to a living situation that I consider semipermanent. It's the same reason I haven't hung a clothesline....too permanent.

later in the evening.

Me: So my mom suggested we get an air conditioner.
Martin: We survived last summer.
Me: was really hot though.
Martin: yeah.
Me: I told her it seemed too permanent for our semi-permanent living situation.
Martin: I'm on the same page as you. I'd rather sweat my butt off in something of my own that be comfortable and have nothing.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Instaweek 2

Someday, the title of this post is going to be Instaweek 200. If my calculations are correct that is going to be about 8 weeks shy of four years from now....but still pretty exciting to think about none the less. I mean, if you break your life down into weeks it just doesn't really seem like its flying by quite as quickly as it feels. You should try it sometime, I recommend trying it when you're feeling really stressed or overwhelmed.

Pulling a chair up to the refrigerator and then playing with the magnets is one of Aubrey's current favorite things to do.

She is too cute! And pajamas are definitely a look she can really rock. Alex prefers to see her in pajamas because its when she looks her cutest.

We met everyone in the field for lunch today. Aubrey enjoyed some watermelon with Grandpa. 

For Mother's Day, my mom had some photos of Aubrey taken my Moments By Laura Photography. Apparently they were having a tough time getting her to smile but she still looks adorable.

 This week was hectic. I was out of town for work for a couple of days and then working late (and early) another couple. Needless to say, Martin and I didn't see each other much. And when we did.....this was my view.

But nothing rejuvenates you after a long week like a Saturday afternoon with this pretty girl. 

Or a great side of the road find! I got a pair of these wingback chairs for the amazing price of $0. They are in excellent condition and I've been lusting over wingbacks every since the movie up (I know, why I get my decorating inspiration from a cartoon is something I'm looking into also).

Friday evening we stopped over at my dear friend, Kerri McKenna's, to chat and say hello. We also did a fair amount of jumping on the trampoline. If only a picture could capture a giggle.

All packed up for a couple of days out of town for work.

Friday, May 18, 2012

On The Count of Three

*Alex walks into my apartment at 8:45PM*

Alex: Where's Aubrey?
Me: She's in bed.
Alex: (starts walking to her bedroom) Let me just see if she's still awake.
Me: No! Do not go in there. Alex! No! ONE!....
Alex: I think she's asleep. Ok, I'm going home.

Alex: And by the way, I really like that you tried to count to three with me. What exactly were you going to do when you got to three. That might work with Aubrey but I'm not a little kid. Are you going to spank me? Counting to three doesn't work.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A sorta Surprise Birthday

I wanted to throw a surprise birthday party for my mom. I initially wanted to go really big and invite a lot of people, but then I started to doubt my abilities to pull a big party off and decided a more intimate party with just a few close friends would work better. Of course, I still wanted it to be a surprise.

Unfortunately, my mom is an uber planner and its practically impossible to get anything past her or to get her to stay hands free from all planning.

A few weeks before the party I set the scene to get my mom to the lake property, the location of the party, and to stop her from planning anything on her own.

Me: So, I was thinking for your birthday the whole family should go up to the lake and Martin and I will make dinner.
Mom: That sounds good.

And then, I reconfirmed with her the day before the party.

Me: So, we're going to go up to the lake for dinner tomorrow night, right?
Mom: Yeah. I've got some steaks marinating and I made a potato salad.

.....of course you did.

Then, the morning of the party Martin brought drinks, chips and a picnic table up to the lake at 5:00AM before my mom woke up.

....and then, true to form, my mom decided to scoot up to the lake in the afternoon and mow the lawn.

Needless to say, the most surprised person there was Garrett whom we'd neglected to inform about the festivities. But I think everyone had a good time, surprised or not.

And probably the most offensive part of the whole evening:
Mom: I knew something was up when you offered to cook dinner. You never offer to make dinner.

Apparently, I also need to really up the ante on cooking for family events.

I apologize for the lack of pictures. I forgot to take photos of the event.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

....conversation occurring around 12pm.

Me: The least you could really do is wish me a happy mother's day.
Martin: Is that why you're in a bad mood?
Me: I'm not in a bad mood, but I just read all these super nice things that people got on Mother's Day and you can't even wish me one.
Martin: I knew it!
Me: If you knew it, why didn't you just say Happy Mother's Day. It was the easiest problem to solve.
Martin: I thought I did this morning.
Me: No, you didn't. I've been waiting.

later in the evening....

Me: Did you call your mom?
Martin: No, I just found out she was home this afternoon.
Me: But did you call her, for Mother's Day.
Martin: No, Gabe told me she was home.
Me: But....DID you CALL HER?
Martin: (finally looking a little guilty) no.
Me:  You are literally the least thoughtful person I know.
Alex: You're probably not less thoughtful than me. I'm pretty unthoughtful
Martin: I'm not gonna take that as a compliment.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


I've been trying to upload a photo each day with Instagram. I take a lot of photos, but they're generally multiple photos of the same event. an effort to document daily, I'm trying to upload a photo a day with instagram. So far, it's been pretty successful. I figured I would take my daily pictures and then post them on here weekly. And, I have to say, the more I use Instagram the more I like it. It somehow takes the very mediocre pictures that I snap and turn them into photos that I love. I mean, it even made a regular iced coffee look amazing.

 A midday pick me up. Mmmm. Iced Coffee really is amazing.

Sunset on the drive home. There were some other shots that might have been better, but I was having a lot of difficulties getting a shot while driving. I came this close to running off the road and I got some pretty incredible shots of my rearview mirror and dashboard. It was just a lot of work to get a good grip on the camera and actually hit the button at the right moment while still maintaining a constant speed of 60mph and have the photos not look blurry. I really thought the trees in the foreground of the sunset looked beautiful, but you could really tell I was flying by in those photos.  

Last Sunday, Martin and I went fishing. Neither of us were extremely photogenic that day. 
 My mom turned 50 Saturday night. I packed some wine glasses for the small surprise party.

The lake at sunset. It truly is gorgeous.

My outfit on Mother's Day. I'm super partial to the side braid which Martin said, really goes with the outfit.

Aubrey tugging her boat in the bathtub. It's always better when she lets the duck ride in the seat. If she decides to let the duck swim then she is most certainly trying to drink any water that may be in the seat. 

What? What! So cute

Peanut butter on toast and banana. Delicious breakfast. Even if she ate all the peanut butter off the toast and refused to eat the toast. She also did the same thing this morning when I gave her peanut butter on banana slices. But you love bananas! Eat the bananas too! 

Once again, demonstrating her love for peanut butter. 

I'm not usually a cookie person (or a dessert person) but something about the walnuts in these cookies is amazing. 

I made chocolate peanut butter cup cookies for my mom's birthday. Recipe from Annie's Eats. 

Learning to fish.

On Saturday, Aubrey and I went for a six mile walk. We walked down to McKenna's (somewhat of my adoptive parents, you know how they say it takes a community to raise a child - they are a big part of my community) and then we walked back after visiting for a while (and jumping on the trampoline!) Their guernseys were lounging around in the pasture and they just looked so peaceful on the sunny day I had to snap a shot. 

Friday, May 11, 2012


I am really bad with car types. Really bad. Like one time I wasn't sure where I parked and walked confidently up to a mustang thinking it was mine. Because it was the same color as my car. I drive a Camry. Another time I was looking for a Mercedes in a parking lot and said, "Well I guess it's not here". I was standing right next to it. I really wish I was making these stories up, but I'm not - not at all.

A few nights ago we were standing in the farm driveway talking with our neighbor, Kelly...

Kelly: .....Some people don't even wave when I pass by them.
Martin: I always wave to you.
Me: Well. Give them some credit - maybe they're bad with cars. I'm horrible with cars and can never tell who anybody is by what they're driving. I can't recognize the car.
Kelly: I never pass you, but you wave like you have no idea who you're waving to when I drive by and you are just standing in the driveway.
Me: See. I'm horrible with cars.

...later the same evening.

Martin and I went up to the lake property to help Mitchell and Garrett put the dock into the water. We had just left the property and were driving down the road, headed home.

Martin: (fist pumps the truck that passes us going in the opposite direction)
Me: Who was that?
Martin: A fist pump
Me: No, who was that.
Martin: A fist pump.
Me: I know that! Who was in the truck.
Martin: Are you joking?
Me: No, who was it?
Martin: It was Mitchell. We literally just left at the same time as him. He drove down the road and turned around. You are really bad with cars.

Once again, I would like to reiterate that I wish I was crafting these stories in my head. Unfortunately, I am not. I am just really bad with cars

Thursday, May 10, 2012

These Girls

I had the priviledge of spending Saturday in Ithaca with these lovely ladies. Ah! I've missed them so much. I've also missed that drive to Ithaca and had forgotten how gorgeous is the scenery. I've also missed the food at Taste of Thai Express. I've also missed gossiping about boys over drinks. I've also missed going on long walks through a woods that runs along a gorge. I've also missed Sangria. I've also missed being passionate about Sigma Alpha. I've also missed catching up on everyone's life. I've also missed tasting (beer, wine, just tasting in general). But most of all I have just missed seeing these great girls on a daily basis. Saturday was perfect for filling all the aforementioned voids.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I'm not usually much of a ring person. I mean, I love my engagement ring for sure, but I never really get to bent out of shape about rings in general. The other day though, I was fooling around with my ring and I was just really struck by how gorgeous it is and realized that I have never in the four and a half years its been in my possesion taken a photo of my ring. So I decided to take one. I think what I really like about it is that it is so absolutely gorgeous and I probably never would have picked it out myself. I guess sometimes Martin knows me better than I know myself.

And a brief story of Martin picking out the ring:

Martin: I think I like that one.
Saleswoman: Oh yes! That is a nice one! I really like that one too!
Martin retelling events to me: And I was just looking at her hands that were totally blinged out with diamonds and thinking, lady, you don't like that's way too simple for your bling taste, you just want to sell me this shit.

Gabe during the retelling of the event: I hated that place! As soon as they found out I wasn't there to buy a ring everyone completely ignored me!

Some Crazy Pictures

I know this outfit above is crazy. Aubrey is actually wearing pants, boots, a dress, and a sweater that doesn't match any of the aforementioned. But she totally rocks it anyway. She was having way too much fun running up and down the steps to the house while I screwed some hooks into the entryway. And then when I was finished she sat down on the step and leaned back on the step behind her.....chillin.

The other day Aubrey peed through her pants. It was warm out so we just let them air dry and she enjoyed running around with no pants on, something that won't be so cute for much longer.

Boots and diapers. Does it get any better?

I was in the habit of making Aubrey an egg for breakfast every morning and she would gladly gobble them up, but lately I've been feeling like she's been getting bored with the egg so I decided to mix it up a little bit. A banana and peanut butter toast. She ate the entire banana and licked all the peanut butter off the toast, the toast, however, she left intact.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


*The following conversation would not be nearly as funny if it did not play out in exactly the same way two days in a row*

Martin: Want to watch The Office?
Me: Yeah!
Martin: Ok. hang on. let me take off my pants. I can't watch the office with my pants on.

...of course you can't.

Georgia Peaches

Katie Mason Epstein emailed a few photos out from our trip to Georgia and I wanted to share. I mean. check out my form in the photo above. Unfortunately, what you're looking at is just a really dramatic throw on my part and the chances that my bean bag landed on the board are slim to none.

And all of us together. Don't we look adorable!