Monday, July 29, 2013


This past weekend the girls and I headed to Pennsylvania for a reunion of sorts with Michelle and Katie! Spending a weekend with the girls was nothing short of amazing and I've seriously missed seeing their faces every day when we were in college.

Some highlights of the weekend:
A six hour car-ride with two ticking time bombs (i.e. my children) - both bombs went off, on separate occasions.
Six hours of delightful conversation with Michelle during said car ride.
Two bottles of wine and way too many tacos enjoyed with lots of laughter and catching up.
A long walk into town, an hour in a toy store, and a sweaty walk home carrying a sleeping toddler.
A lot of trying to convince Katie to have a baby immediately
Frozen yogurt. "ohhh! We can get as many flavors as we want!" ...."I think I just had too many flavors going on in my yogurt. And too many toppings. There was a lot going on there." ..."That is not surprising, have you ever seen yourself get a fountain drink?"..."Hahaha. True"....Every flavor, in the cup.
Mini-golf! Three adults hitting the ball, and one toddler dropping her ball into the hole for a Hole in One!
A growler fill and some local brews.
Dinner at an outdoor restaurant! Ok, one beer and then a lot of rain. And pants that looked like they were peed in (due to rain......we think....) And food boxed up for carryout.
A game that I apparently gave to Katie claiming it was The Best game ever. I have no recollection of playing before this weekend.
A brief conversation with Katie's husband via phone during which he repeatedly made clear his wishes that my children should be asleep.
Healthy pancakes.....which were delicious, and also tasted like healthy pancakes.....(good, but not as good as the real thing)
Not nearly enough time, but can't wait for the next time!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Liquid Gold

Formula is EXPENSIVE! I commend anyone who can keep up with breastfeeding, but I just never seem to make it work after returning to work. I really beat myself up about it with Aubrey, with Sylvia I was basically expecting the inevitable end of breastfeeding and was slightly less concerned. In both situations, the obvious result is I'm spending ALL MY INCOME on formula. This is obviously an extreme exaggeration, but SO MUCH MONEY! I always get Wegman's brand formula because it is the cheapest formula I can find (and its exactly the same as Enfamil)

On Thursday I purchased some formula and this conversation ensued in the checkout line.

Cashier: (rings up formula, looks at screen, looks back at formula, looks back at screen) Wow. That stuff is expensive.
Me: I know, right? It's like liquid gold.
Cashier: Is that like special formula or something.
Me: Nope, just the cheapest kind you sell.
Cashier: Wow.

My first instinct in this conversation was to give this young boy (who by the way, was still rocking a seashell necklace, in 2013!) a lecture about using proper protection. But I didn't want to be that weird customer who brought up sex in line at the grocery store, so I just let the conversation end with a wow. And besides, he was wearing a seashell necklace, so I'm sure it's not an issue.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Some mornings you wake up ready to take on the world....

And other days you aren't.

And then there are the days that you plan on not taking on the world at the crack of dawn but life your children have other ideas.

This morning was one of those days. Aubrey, Sylvia and I are heading out this afternoon to spend a weekend in Pennsylvania with two of my dear college friends, Michelle and Katie! Because we're leaving right after lunch to pick up Michelle, I decided to take the day off and sleep in! I wasn't asking for much, just 7am. But I was doomed from the start. Martin got up at 6am to start mowing hay. Sylvia awoke at this time also. I sweet-talked Martin into making her a bottle and dropped happily back into my pillow. At 6:30, Aubrey awoke abruptly and immediately began screaming at the top of her lungs. I was still attempting to lay in bed until 7.

Me: Aubrey, BE QUIET. You are going to wake up your sister.
Me: Shhh! Why don't you lay in bed with me?
Me: Go in the cupboard and get some. And BE QUIET. If you wake your sister up I am going to be very mad.
Me: Fine. (I stomp downstairs, grab the peanut butter and a spoon and shove it into Aubrey's arms.) Here!

It's times like this I especially hate myself because I know I'm acting like more of a toddler than my actual toddler. But I can't stop myself from thinking 7am, that's all I want! And then I can't stop myself from acting like a child.

As you can probably guess, Sylvia woke up from all the commotion.

Aubrey was awake for about two minutes and she had already removed her pants and refused to put them back on. But the day improved greatly with a game of Candyland and some pictures with my latest Salvation Army find.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22"

This is apparently the theme song of the farm this summer, appropriate for no one except Mitch, surprising, he seems the least excited about this theme song.

Regardless of theme songs or candle counts, there is definitely a two year old on the premise posed and ready to blow them out!

Happy Birthday Uncle Mitch!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Yay for silly faces!

And older cousins!

And loving aunts!

And drop-in visitors!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Out of Town Wedding

This weekend got unexpectedly better when I got to go to a wedding with THIS GUY!

Martin: Ok, so you already booked a hotel room to share with Chrissy and Dave?
Me: Yep.
Martin: Does it have two beds?
Me: Umm....nope. We were all going to sleep in one, but now that you can come I guess we'll have to reconsider........of course it has two beds!

PS. Congrats Lexy and Mike!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Five Months

Five months.
::sitting up is our latest development of the weekend::
::we've finally moved out of 0-3 month clothes and into 3-6::
::I should revise that previous statement to say I've packed up (most of) the 0-3 month clothes but we've only bothered with a diaper in the heat::
:: We're practically sleeping through the night! Usually a one am wakeup with a few nights right through!::
::Grabbing is our new favorite thing and Aubrey is quickly learning that Sylvia, please don't pull my hair is a phrase she'll be using often::

Sometimes I look at Sylvia and I wonder how she is growing so quickly. Other times I watch her next to Aubrey and think, you girls are only two years apart and yet there's whole worlds between you.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013


Lately, in conversations wherein you ask Aubrey to do something, she almost always agrees that she should do whatever it is you are asking of her, but that she should do it before her dad stomps it. I'm not quite sure what Martin has stomped on recently, or ever, to give her this impression - but this recent conversation pretty much mirrors the thread of a conversation we have every single day.

Me: Aubrey, can you finish your egg please?
Aubrey: Yeah. I better finish my egg. Or my daddy will stomp it.
Me: Ummm....yeah.
Aubrey: And it will go all over the place.
Me: Yep.
Aubrey: And my plate will be broken.
Me: That won't be good.
Aubrey: And our house will be messy.
Me: Well, I guess you better eat that egg.
Aubrey: Yeah, or my daddy will stomp it.....

picture is obviously unrelated, but adorable.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Martin: Whoa, come look at the sky! Doesn't that look like a tornado forming way out there?
Caton: Oh my! Yes! Oh no, we better get into the house.

in the house, Caton is quickly working herself into a small panic.

Caton: Do you think we should go in the basement?
Martin: Nah, we've got homeowner's insurance.

the above picture was taken from a different storm last night, but the sky still looks pretty ominous.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Having my mother-in-law teach Aubrey how to swim this summer has been an absolute blessing! Aubrey, while still a far cry from an actual fish in the water truly loves to swim around in the water (mostly with her head dry). She asks to go swimming almost daily and is never ready to get out of the pool when swimming is done for the day. I'm fully aware that most children aren't lucky enough to have grandmother's with access to full size swimming pools and offer private swimming lessons, but I sure am glad that my children have that privilege.

And, for good measure, a completely unrelated story:
Aubrey: Good night, mommy.
Me: Good night honey, Love you! See you tomorrow morning.
Aubrey: Hey mom.
Me: Yes?
Aubrey: I got lots of work to do.
Me: Oh yeah?
Aubrey: Yeah. I got to go to bed. And then wake up when the sun comes up.

Life doesn't get much busier than that! Important stuff!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Independence Day

Martin, often declares that Independence Day is his holiday. Meaning, of all the holidays in the year, it's the only one that he really really gets bummed if something impedes his celebration (namely, and most often - making hay) Luckily (mostly because it's rained every day for the last month) he was not making hay this year and celebrate we did! Coffee for breakfast (ok - just for me and Michelle, Martin went to the barn). Canoeing down the Mighty Oak Orchard while Aubrey and Sylvia played with Mimi and Papa! A pit stop at the lake to see Grandma, Grandpa and for Aubrey to take a boat ride. And ending the day with fireworks!

Aubrey: Booom! Boommm! Oh...A green one!
seconds later...
Mommy, I'm scared...
seconds later...
Oooohh! A purple one!

Friday, July 5, 2013


Caton: I've been so forgetful lately. I can't remember if I've already told a story or if I just thought in my head that I wanted to say something so I end up saying things like 6 times. Also, did I mention that Chuck might be coming?
Me: Yes. You've said that about six times tonight.
Caton: See what I mean?!


Caton: Chuck, did you say happy birthday to Jenna?
Chuck: I didn't know it was her birthday.
Me: You told us six times Chuck was coming but you didn't tell Chuck once it was my birthday?!
Caton: I told you I can't remember things!


Caton: Did I tell you the story about playing can jam last night?
Me: No. I haven't seen you since last night. I am just seeing you now.
Caton: Wait. I saw you last night?
Me: No! Your story happened last night.
Caton: Oh. Right. I can't remember anything!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Accepting Applications

Me:  I need a friend that I can call or text at any time and they will come over and have a drink with me. Or have dinner. I don't have any friends like that.
Jolene: I think what you're saying is you need a friend you can boss around.
Me: Yeah. Probably. But you know what I mean, right?