Friday, February 26, 2010


On the walk home from the sunset cruise, the effects of a days worth of sun started to set in. The sunburns were a-blazing. Martin and Mitchell decided it was absolutely neccesary to take their shirts off.
And this is why we had terrible sunburns: 1. my 8 oz sunscreen would not be accepted on the plane and 2. It was so cold when we got to Florida we completely forgot to buy sunscreen and 3. when you spend a day on water without sunscreen, bad things happen.
My only saving grace was that I was wearing a wetsuit all day. Because I was definitely burned the worst. Luckily, the burn was contained to my face, hands and feet.
In fact, I had burned so badly that by Friday, my face was covered in blisters and multiple people in the airport made comments along the lines of, "looks like you brought some of the sun back with you"
On Saturday, when I met Ranatta at the Chilli Cook-Off in Ithaca she burst into tears of laughter, didn't recognize me, and told me - in a comforting way, of course - that since strangers wouldn't know I had just been in Florida, the would probably just think I got a really bad chemical burn.
On Wednesday, An entire week after the initial burn I had five cashiers come up to me at work to tell me that "I looked a lot better"

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

On Wednesday, Martin, Mitchell and I went on an AMAZING boat tour. The tour consisted of going out into the ocean on a huge charter. Going snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking, waterskiing, yolo boarding, parasailing, wave surfing, unlimited drinks from 3:30 to 4:00, a sunset cruise from 5:00 to 7:00 with unlimited drinks.  Basically, this boat tour could be equated with heaven, I presume.
And due to the cold weather, no one else seemed to take up this great deal. So - we got an entire boat and all its ammenities for 5 people. Let me repeat that. 5 people.  Me, Martin, Mitchell, and a father and son (Chris and Jon).
They take 130 people on this tour. At that point, it might not be worth it.
But with only five - we had our free run of everything. We didn't have to wait at all. for anything. It was like having out own charter boat. Like we were rich and famous. There were four crew members and five guests!
So we spent the day snorkeling (we saw fish, an eel and a Dolphin! - the dolphin swam right under Martin's canoe!), kayaking, yolo boarding (which I now love), attempting to windsurf (that was an epic fail *but I, at least, could stay up on the board - I just couldn't get it to go anywhere. Mitchell had trouble with just the whole standing and balance part of it), jetskiing, waterskiing, tubing, parasailing. I don't have any pictures of this because I was too busy snorkeling, kayaking, yolo boarding, windsurfing, jetskiing, waterskiing, tubing, and parasailing.
Then, on the way back into shore the unlimited drinks started. Matt, the crewmember and bartender thought Mitchell was 21. He was basically in his glory. Look at that smile!
We got back into dock at 4:00, raced to the hotel to wash the salt off our bodies and then ran back to catch the boat again for the sunset cruise.
This time there was a lot of people on the boat and a DJ, so it was a great way to enjoy the sunset. Especially with the unlimited drinks.
Martin, who can make friends with anyone in about 25 seconds, met a guy from wisconsin.
And I had fun tearing up the dance floor with a few girls.
Mitchell was just really happy to be "21"
As the night wore on, we all got a little tipsy.

Exhibit A of our tipsiness: Mitchell suggested and offered to take a picture of Martin and I kissing in the sunset. On top of that, Martin eagerly agreed to participate. My willingness to participate had absolutely nothing  to do with inebriation.

Then, a fellow sunset boater noticed our obvious love of life(and also probably my incesssant need to take 1000 pictures) and offered to snap a shot of all of us.
After snapping two pictures, he handed the camera back to me saying, "Not bad for being half in the bag" That would be Exhibit B
Oh, and then there was the fact that Martin felt it was competely neccesary to yell to all the tourists watching the sunset on shore every time we sailed past. It's worth every penny! Unlimited Drinks" and then immediately afterward he would run to tell Captain Greg how much business he was bringing him. Exhibit C.
Exhibit D

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Now We're Scootin'

Upon arriving in Key West, we Martin, Mitchell and I immediately left to rent scooters. Or mopeds, if you will. These are all over the island and they are so fun!
"Scooties" as Martin and Mitchell took to calling them are awesome.
We had so much fun riding them all over  the island
Mitch and Martin rode them almost all night long
They even went to other islands. They put so many miles on, they had to gas up.
And scooties get 80 miles to the tank.
We did stop for a dinner break at Caroline's
And also for a brief period to watch performers in Mallory Square.
But for the most part, we just scooted.
for hours on end.
and it was so much fun.
We probably could have gone all night, but the seats are fairly unforgiving and our butts were starting to hurt!

Key West!

Early in the afternoon, we arrived on Key West and had lunch on the beach.
We took an unneccesary amount of pictures of us stuffing out faces and I really liked that salsa.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Theater of The (Two) Dolphins

The next day, Tuesday, we were in the Keys. We stopped on one of the islands to go to some Theater of the Dolphins place that my mom had read in a tour book. It was less of a theater of dolphins and more of a place with two dolphins, a few seals, a couple of injured turtles, about 16 parrots and not really thoroughly cleaned or maintained in the last 20 to 25 years. And overpriced.

I didn't really take too many pictures here because, well, I wasn't really that impressed. I also wasn't bored enough to start taking pictures for the majority of the visit. This is because one thing the park did really well was to keep the customers moving and entertained in each section. One show would end and they would immediately tell you where to go for the next show which started within the next five minutes.

The two dolphins, Twister and Sherman, were pretty fun. Sherman was really smart and could do tricks and was basically amazing. Twister, was not so smart and couldn't really do much. They did a pretty good job of not making that really noticable, was still pretty noticable.
When we got to the seals, it was pretty crowded and I really couldnt' see the seal very well, so I resorted to taking pictures.
Martin really was into the seal show.

For a short period of time.
Brother Sister Love.
Another funny face from Garrett. He's full of funny faces.
standing up to see the seals.