Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

I just discovered this really cool, free app that takes video clips and pictures and sets them to music and makes it into a movie for you! I'm pretty pumped about this Christmas video from this morning!

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013


Helping daddy blow out his candles
Aubrey speaks like a 40 year old woman. My niece tells me this all the time. Her sentences are pretty wordy. There are no missing parts of speech. And she says funny and outdated sayings.

One day our friends came over in a rainstorm and Aubrey greeted them at the door by saying, It sure is rainy outside.

At 27, I still have to check myself for using well and good in the proper context. Aubrey will wake up every morning and ask me Did you sleep well last night?

Every time I put up in the DVD player for Aubrey to watch, she sits back on the couch, quietly claps her hands together and says This is going to be good!

I've been basically brushing off my niece's comments of her forty year old speech as some sort of anomaly with no clear answer to where she learned this speech.


I was making our bed the other night (moments before getting into it for the night, productive I know) and as I was laying down the third blanket to get cozied up in the cold weather I exclaimed, This is going to be great! 

Martin gave a quick laugh thinking I was imitating Aubrey, but really, that was my natural reaction to the situation. Mystery solved. I'm the forty year old teacher. I probably should stop saying Jeepers before it rubs off on Aubrey.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Raising an Addict

Getting her coffee fix

A recipe for perfect coffee. Anything less just isn't worth the effort.

1. A good mug you can wrap your hands around.
2. A spoonful of sugar.
3. A generous helping of milk
4. A chair to sit in and a window to gaze out.
5. Five minutes for sipping and gazing. 

If I don't have time for step 5, I usually skip the coffee. Coffee tends to be a weekend treat for me.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Me:  I am so excited we got that salsa as a regular item. The hot is delicious!
Coworker: Yeah. I actually had it with my dinner last night and it was really good.
Me: I just really wish it wasn't organic. 
Coworker: Why? Who cares?
Me: I don't believe in organic products. 
Coworker: Well, I don't specifically shop for organic but I don't have a problem buying it.
Me: You don't understand. In the circles I run in, I can't have organic products in my pantry.
Coworker: Well.....maybe just pour it in a bowl before people come over. 

Consider this my public disclaimer when you find organic salsa in my cupboard. It's delicious, not because it's organic, because the recipe is fantastic. 

Monday, December 9, 2013


*Laying in bed*

Martin: Are those pants silk or satin or something?
Me: No.


Me: I'm actually surprised you would say that because these are the sweatpants that you hate.
Martin: And yet you still thought I was being serious.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gas Light

This story needs a lot of backstory to make any sense. I'm sorry. Here comes backstory.

1. Martin's 1996 Diesel Ford Truck has officially been retired. (Maybe not officially but its currently NOT running) He is now driving my old work car. A gray Camry. It looks exactly like my current work car, a gray Camry. The first night we had both of them pulled in the barn Martin took one look at the situation and said, Oh, aren't we so suburban!

2. I have a long history of never even thinking about filling up with gas until the low gas light comes on. There have been way too many arguments in our marriage centered around a long trip and my negligence with paying attention to the state of the gas light. In my defense, I have NEVER run out of gas. I have a very solid system for filling up with gas before running out and AFTER the low gas light appears.

3. This morning, Martin sent me this picture.

The attached caption to the text: Who have I become...

I'm going to call this one a win for the home team!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Sledding Season!

I want to do a post about Aubrey's adventure birthday party because it was AMAZING, but all the photos of her blowing out candles are on Martin's phone and I keep forgetting to transfer them to the computer so I keep putting off posting about this glorious event (you can't write about a birthday without cake photos).

Last week when there was gorgeous amounts of beautiful snow and perfect sledding weather (read: sunshine, no wind) the girls and I decided to enjoy the weather. I don't think the differences in Aubrey and Sylvia's personalities could have shown through any more clearly than they did in that short hour and a half sledding experience.

Here's a rundown of the morning  timeline:
8:45 AM: Aubrey is REALLY excited about the snow. She is begging me to go sledding. We pick up the kitchen and start putting snow clothes on. Sylvia is crawling around and going with the flow.
9:00 AM: We are outside. Aubrey is SUPER excited. She's making snowballs. She's throwing snow in her face. The world is great. Sylvia is super chill and happy. Her and I make mommy and baby snow angels next to each other.
9:15 AM: Aubrey really wants to ride in the sled. She's pretty excited still. Sylvia is still happy as a clam.
9:30 AM: Aubrey is NOT HAPPY. She is cold. She wants to go in the house. Sylvia seems content.
9:35 AM: Aubrey is in the house by herself "playing" the piano. A very happy Sylvia and I are still frolicking in the snow.
9:45 AM: Aubrey is inside. Sylvia falls face first off the sled into the snow. She is still happy. No cries. No tears.
10:30 AM: In the name of naptime, Sylvia happily retires to the house and to bed.
10:35 - 11:30 AM: I go outside to do some decorating on the porch. Aubrey is happy but coming in and out. Never staying out for too long. Refusing to stand in the shade.