Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Nap that Got Out of Control

Aubrey has learned a new trick. She can climb out of her crib. This little development has taken parenting to a whole new level. Most importantly, we can no longer just lock her in her crib and let her roll around until she falls asleep. Both Sunday night and Monday night we resorted to letting her fall asleep in our bed and then transferring her to her crib once she was sleeping. I know, not a good habit to get into. Aside from the fact that she really needs to learn to fall asleep on her own - while I am "pretending" to sleep in the bed with her I often do end up falling asleep robbing me of precious hours of wakefullness during typical Aubrey sleep time.

Last Friday afternoon it was very very hot. So hot that I didn't even want to think about putting Aubrey down for a nap in our sweatbox of an apartment. So I took Aubrey to my mom's house for her nap. After climbing out of the crib three times (I should use the word climbing lightly because what she actually does is kick her leg over and then plumets to the ground below in a very safe manner) I decided there was nothing that could really harm her upstairs, she was stuck in one room and she desperately needed a nap. So I left her to her own devices figuring she would eventually fall asleep on the floor. She did fall asleep on the floor for about two hours. Then she woke up, ripped her diaper off, and pooped all over my parents' bedroom. Including on a pile of "clean" clothes.

Needless to say, Aubrey took a midday bath that afternoon and called everyone's bluff with her pooping antics.

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