Monday, July 2, 2012

Dance Recitals

A few weeks ago, my oh so adorable niece had her very first dance recital. And her oh so adorable sister had a shirt that matched her costume! Being a long time veteran of dance recitals, I knew I couldn't miss Kendyll's big debut but I was also really not feeling leaving the house again when I finally returned home from work.

Megan: Whoa. Look at you all dressed up.
Me: Well. I didn't really feel like going anywhere and I thought maybe if I put some heels on I would be more in the mood.

(sidenote: I was the only person in the audience wearing skinny jeans, a cardigan and 4 inch wedges. I basically towered over everyone. )

Megan: Well. Ingrid would approve.

But, my outfit aside, it was so fun to see Kendyll dance and even more fun to see how excited she was to be the star of the show and to show off her costume.

The other thing I learned about dance recitals. If you are the weaker of the two in a duet, bow out, or find some other people to dance in the class because it is glaringly obvious.

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