Sunday, July 1, 2012

Defending the Family

Picture a family. A mom. A dad. A really cute little girl. All coming home and heading into the house at the same time. Then picture the dad, the oh so funny dad, punching a bee.

Me: What are you doing?? Did you just punch that bee?
Martin: Hell yeah! I'm not going to let him threaten me!
Me: What?! You're not supposed to punch bees you're supposed to ignore them! Everyone knows that.

*said bee, now angered, continues to swarm around us.

Me: (refuses to let my point drop) I mean seriously, you must have gotten stung a lot as a kid.
Martin: How about instead of lecturing me you get are child out of danger since the bee is sitting on her nose.
Me: (gently shoos bee away from child's nose) Ok, ok. I'm just saying. It's a little ridiculous. And you're fault if she gets stung.

....Two weeks later Martin is still refering to this incident as a  moment where he defended his family.

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