Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keeping Me in Check

 Aubrey doing somersaults in the yard: Come on Mama. We got to tuck and roll.

Aubrey telling me just how very much she loves her sister and giving her a hug to prove it.

 Dinner and a bath later and Sylvia is not as happy about Aubrey's love. Aubrey, however is undetered. In this photo she is either saying I love my sister sooo much or singing Twinkle Little Star or possibly Row Your Boat. She went through a series of ballad's without much concern for Sylvia's screams.

Me: (playing with an empty vase)
Aubrey: (takes the vase from my hand and sets it on the table) Mom, you can't play with that. It is glass.


In Aubrey's room at bedtime
Aubrey: Mama, close your eyes!
(walks over to me and holds a clotheshanger over my head)
Aubrey: Abra Cadabara! I woke you up!

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