Sunday, November 24, 2013


I'm so excited to celebrate the birthday of this three year old today!


I barely know how to express in words how much joy you bring to my life. Your boundless energy. Your hilarious stories. Your ridiculous antics. You run me ragged, but I can't imagine life without your presence. You have the uncanny ability to embrace every situation as if it were a day at the beach and you make me look at life with new eyes. I know I'm the parent and it's my job to teach you, but there are so many times a day when I find you teaching me. Teaching me to stop and appreciate the beauty around me. Teaching me not to sweat the little things. Aweing me with just how smart a child can be. Wisdom far beyond your years.

The other morning I was frantically washing dishes that I had meant to wash the previous night before heading off to work. I was in the zone and barring a child caught in a dangerous situation, I was not to be disturbed. When suddenly you shouted, Mommy, look at how purple the sky is! I finally took a moment to look at the window and take in an absolutely gorgeous sunrise. I saw that sunrise because of you. You were the light of life embracing all that beauty and you allowed me to pause and embrace the beauty for myself. Thank you.

When I watch you with your sister, I can't help but tear up a little. I never would have guessed what an amazing sister you would become. You dote over Sylvia and worry about her ailments and make her giggle and encourage her to grow and learn. You are the absolute best sister you can possibly be. I love that.

I am so excited for you to turn three. I am excited for, as you say it, you to get bigger and bigger and bigger! But I am also sad. I want to bottle you up as an almost three year old and keep you this way forever. I never want to forget the stories you tell. Or the fact that you call your grey camouflage snowboots world boots. Or the way you say I miss daddy and when is daddy going to be home two seconds after he walks out the door.

For how many more years will you want to snuggle with me on the couch? For how many more years will bringing home bananas elicit a giant Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!? For how many more months will you call frost frosting? For how many more months will you call spinach bamboo? I want to bottle all the nuances and all that joy and hold it with me forever.

I know the year ahead will hold a lot of new experiences for you and also a lot of new experiences for me. Bear with me. You're my oldest child and therefore subject to all my trial and error. You're my guinea pig child (don't worry, you'll survive - I was my family guinea pig too). I can't wait for us to encounter your life together and to watch you grow into the girl you are quickly becoming.

I love you,

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