Monday, November 11, 2013

Taste Test

I've gotten borderline obsessive about crafting pretend "food" for Aubrey's playroom recently. It started a few weeks ago when Aubrey and I headed to Michael's on one of my days off to purchase some felt. We made a lot of food and I was really proud of my handiwork (I'm naturally pretty uncrafty)

Felt food. PBJ. Hot dog. Fish. Hamburger. Salad. Taco. Eggs. Cheese and Crackers. Fries. Pizza.

I had a few Styrofoam balls kicking around from the solar system I made on the playroom wall, and decided they would make excellent grapes, apples and oranges. So Aubrey and I got down to work mixing paint colors and started to make it happen.

Post painting. Pre hot gluing grapes into bunches and adding a stem on the apple.

Last night, Sylvia was doing her thing crawling around the house when she let out a cough that almost sounded like she was choking. Being the paranoid parent that I am, I went rushing to see what the problem could be and couldn't find anything in her mouth that would cause that kind of cough. I few minutes later Aubrey called Martin and I into her playroom to show us something.

The apple and orange are completely massacred. They must have tasted the best. Apparently it wasn't until she got to the purple grapes that she decided to give up.
When we entered the playroom we found this sitting on the floor.

Me: Oh my gosh! This must be what Sylvia was eating.
Martin: But she only has two teeth.
Aubrey: Umm......that was me.
Me: Aubrey, why would you eat that? You know it's not real
Aubrey: I'm sorry. I just wanted to try it.

This is the same girl that says, it's just pretend every time she "makes" you something in her play kitchen. You know, so you don't accidentally try to eat her food. Apparently she's going to have to start saying it to herself.

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