Saturday, March 15, 2014

Post Wedding Trantrum

Me: Ok, Katie. It's time to leave. The wedding is over and our shuttle is leaving.
Katie: I don't want to leave. I want to keep dancing!
Me: Yeah. I know. But we're leaving. Come on.
Katie: I just want everyone to know that I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS DECISION!

back at the cabin.

Katie: I want to keep partying! I want to dance!
Me/Ginny: We'll stay up and hang out. But I'm pretty sure we're done partying.
Katie: I want to party! You guys are lame!
Me: I think you're being a little dramatic.
Katie: I want to be dramatic! I AM BEING DRAMATIC LIKE AUBREY!
Me: You've got to be kidding me (walks away into bathroom)
Katie: Oh fine! Walk away from me! You're lame!

Katie: They are having a party at the cabin next door. I'm going to go over there with those cool people!
Me: Bye Katie!
Ginny: Are you going to let her go there?
Me: She'll be back in five minutes.

...less than five minutes later

Katie: I did not fit in to that party. 

...Katie, we love you! Also, you know you're in a good place when you're legitimately comparing yourself to a three year old. 

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