Friday, March 14, 2014

Spirit Animal

Server: Hi, My name is Brandon. I'm going to be your server today.
Ingrid: What is your middle name Brandon
Brandon: Umm, people don't usually ask that. It's Joseph
Ingrid: That is solid
Brandon: Most of my friends call me BJ. You know, Brandon Joseph
Me: They do not call you BJ! Do you know that that means?!
Jolene: I'm pretty sure he knows what it means
BJ: Yeah. I like it. It's a good nickname. 
Ingrid: Ok. BJ.....what is your spirit animal?
BJ: My spirit animal...
Me: I'm thinking maybe Falcon
Ingrid: No, he's definitely a meerkat. I definitely see meerkat. Don't you?
BJ: Ummm.... I guess I could be a meerkat.

End of meal. At this point we know a lot about BJ. His nickname. College major. Dream job. Dream place to live. That he's the best man in his brother's wedding. That he likes to play mud volleyball while drinking. That he is 24. That he despises dark chocolate. Probably a few other things that I don't remember at this point.

BJ: Ok, with your bill I'm going to put a little survey card. You can go online and complete the survey. There are some questions about me also. I put my name on the back of the card. I actually put BJ. Normally I put Brandon because I don't usually get so personal with my guests. 

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