Sunday, March 16, 2014

You Know That Song

Shortly after a reunion of college roomates in the Baltimore airport

Amanda: So. I keep thinking about this song. I think you guys would really like it. .....Do you know what song I'm talking about???
Katie: What? No. Not based on that description.
Amanda: Well. It could be a line dance or it could be played at a rave. I can really see Jenna dancing to it. Do you know what song I'm talking about????
All of us: No. Definitely not. Try to sing some of it.
Amanda: Da. daaa.  I can't really think of the tune. You know! It could be at a rave OR a line dance!
All of us: We have no idea.
Zach: (starts searching for top forty songs on his phone and randomly calling off names)
Amanda: I think its a girl that sings it. It could be at a rave or a line dance. 

Two days later driving down red dirt roads in Georgia:

Ginny: Hey, I think this is the song Amanda was talking about!

And it was.

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