Friday, June 7, 2013

'Round Here

I inadvertently took a hiatus from updating for the past three weeks so I apologize to all of you who kept logging on here just to find the same picture of Aubrey on the toilet over and over again (she'll kill me for that someday)

Things have been pretty chaotic around here lately, both with work and at home, so I'm going to do a quick update and then *fingers crossed* resume with the typical hilarious family banter you come here to see.

Lilacs are done for the season, but when they were around we had a lot of fun taking cuttings to decorate our house. 
  Sylvia went from getting so tired in an attempt to roll over she actually fell asleep....

To rolling over - overnight!

I thought I was being really smart purchasing avocados for $.49 and pitting them, wrapping in plastic warap and freezing. I've since discovered I'm having issues with the thawing. Can anyone shed light on this?

Aubrey's been playing hard and sleeping harder.

I killed the pretty shower favor from Kerri's wedding shower, but I've been enjoying the mug it was planted in!

My sister-in-law, Ingrid, visited for 10 days! We made a trip to the mall.

And Ingrid taught me that the best way to get a toddler through a mall is with a stick of gum in an outstretched hand.

We had an Arrested Development Party! It was a ton of fun. Martin and I are still trying to make it through all the episodes.

We've been doing a lot of airplane around here. Complete with a little rhyme I made up that I think is pretty good. Fly, fly, fly like a bird in the sky. Fly, fly, fly like a butterfly. Fly, fly, fly like a bumblebee. Fly, fly, fly like an airplane I see.

We also went out for a siblings dinner while Ingrid was in town.

Our cupboards got really barren.

I finally satisfied a Chinese takeout craving.

I made tie-dye with me niece.

We've wasted way too many hours watching bunnies hop around our yard.
After being about two weeks late on the mowing process due to a broken mower, we've become mildly obsessive about mowing the lawn at every opportunity. I've also become mildly obsessive about making my own iced coffee which I'm enjoying here as Martin mows.

After a few rough lessons, Aubrey learned to swim! Thanks solely due to my mother-in-law for teaching her!

We went to the wedding of a close friend from growing up (Nate and Megan! yay!). I danced my face off and loved every minute of it!

That's what we've been up to around here!

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  1. What do you think about the new Arrested Development season? We've made it through 5 episodes. I'm a little disappointed!