Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Conversations with a Toddler

Me: We're going to have to pick up some of those sticks that blew off the tree tomorrow.
Aubrey: Yeah. We have to pick up sticks. But Grandma can't pick up sticks. Grandma is too old to pick up sticks. Her arms will get sore.


Me: Aubrey, can you pick some of these toys up please?
Aubrey: Yeah. I have to pick up. It's my job.
Me: It's your job, huh? Well it seems to me like you do a much better job making messes than cleaning them up.
Aubrey: Yeah. I got to make messes. It's my job.


Aubrey: (running in circles and singing at a bridal shower) I don't know why Sylvia cries. I don't know why Sylvia cries.


at the doctor.
Aubrey: Oh no. I better sit on this chair before Dr. Julie (Maguilli) steps on me.
Aubrey: Dr. Julie - this is my baby sister. Her name is Sylvia. And this is my mom. And I Aubrey. You need to listen to my sister's heart. You need to check her out. She is my baby sister. I love my baby sister.
Dr. Maguilli: How old are you, Aubrey?
Aubrey:  I two!
Dr. Maguilli: Good job. Can you hold up two fingers on your hand.
Aubrey: (starts to count Sylvia's fingers) One. two. three.
Dr. Maguilli: You can count too! You're smart, Aubrey
Aubrey: I know. I count Sylvia's fingers. She's my baby sister.

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