Monday, June 10, 2013

Conversations in Marriage

Me: So, I have to work late on Monday. But I was thinking if I ask your mom to do swimming at 7 maybe you could bring Aubrey?
Martin: I can't really handle going any farther than home with both of them on my own.

Point taken.

Martin: Whoa! Look at you! You got groceries!
Me: Yeah. I didn't really go too crazy. I just spent $42.
Martin: Wow. You got a lot more with $40 than I would. If I went to the grocery store with $40, I'd come home with eggs and have a bunch of beef jerky hidden under my truck seat so you couldn't see it.

Me: Okay, how about we each put a kid to bed and then we can reconvene and watch Arrested Development.
Martin: That sounds like an idea.
Me: Okay. You take Sylvia and I'll take Aubrey. Make sure you change her diaper before you put her down.
Martin: Oh really?? I want Aubrey.
Me: Really??? Ok fine..
.....minutes later, Sylvia is in her crib and Aubrey is crying that she wants to bring her potty seat to the upstairs bathroom and she doesn't want Martin to come downstairs with her to help her get it and she thinks she needs to go poopy and she wants to read stories.
Martin: Ok, I was wrong. Can you do Aubrey.....PLEASE!

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