Saturday, June 29, 2013

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

It's probably because I'm a terrible person, but one of my favorite parts about parenting with Martin is how time and again he expects Aubrey to reason like an adult and is then completely derailed when she acts like a two year old.
Recently, there's been a few instances when I've gone into work early and Martin has been left to get the girls ready and off to my mom's in the morning.
Martin: I don't know how you get them ready so quickly. This morning, Aubrey woke up and she was so happy and she was carrying (something I can't remember what) down the stairs for me and she was so proud of herself she had a huge smile on her face like she had just graduated from high school. So I asked her if she could grab her cup. And then she started going back up the stairs for it at a snail's pace. So, I eventually just went upstairs to get the cup. That ended in a half hour meltdown because she wanted to get the cup! I also need to stop telling her what I'm going to do before I do it. I accidentally told her I was going to get her shoes which resulted in her crying because 'she wanted to get her shoes' and then when I stopped and told her to go get them 'but she doesn't want to get her shoes!'
The other day we went for ice cream and Martin was in complete awe because I was so utterly unphased  by the amount of ice cream Aubrey managed to get ALL OVER HERSELF. But honestly, some baby wipes on the body, whip the shirt off and no one cares about a shirtless toddler and you'd never know she had ice cream. Also, watching her run around the ice cream stand singing Row Your Boat like a gremlin while rubbing her bare belly with her arms was completely worth any mess. 

And Aubrey, remembering the time when Grandma and Papa had taken her for ice cream AND to the playground continued to ask beg for the playground throughout the already late evening.

Martin: Well, how close is the playground to the road? We can probably just wheel in there quickly.
Me: Martin, it's after nine. Do you think she's going to go down the slide once and be satisfied? She's two. She has no concept of moderation or time constraints.
Martin: Yeah. I guess you're probably right.

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