Friday, December 6, 2013

Sledding Season!

I want to do a post about Aubrey's adventure birthday party because it was AMAZING, but all the photos of her blowing out candles are on Martin's phone and I keep forgetting to transfer them to the computer so I keep putting off posting about this glorious event (you can't write about a birthday without cake photos).

Last week when there was gorgeous amounts of beautiful snow and perfect sledding weather (read: sunshine, no wind) the girls and I decided to enjoy the weather. I don't think the differences in Aubrey and Sylvia's personalities could have shown through any more clearly than they did in that short hour and a half sledding experience.

Here's a rundown of the morning  timeline:
8:45 AM: Aubrey is REALLY excited about the snow. She is begging me to go sledding. We pick up the kitchen and start putting snow clothes on. Sylvia is crawling around and going with the flow.
9:00 AM: We are outside. Aubrey is SUPER excited. She's making snowballs. She's throwing snow in her face. The world is great. Sylvia is super chill and happy. Her and I make mommy and baby snow angels next to each other.
9:15 AM: Aubrey really wants to ride in the sled. She's pretty excited still. Sylvia is still happy as a clam.
9:30 AM: Aubrey is NOT HAPPY. She is cold. She wants to go in the house. Sylvia seems content.
9:35 AM: Aubrey is in the house by herself "playing" the piano. A very happy Sylvia and I are still frolicking in the snow.
9:45 AM: Aubrey is inside. Sylvia falls face first off the sled into the snow. She is still happy. No cries. No tears.
10:30 AM: In the name of naptime, Sylvia happily retires to the house and to bed.
10:35 - 11:30 AM: I go outside to do some decorating on the porch. Aubrey is happy but coming in and out. Never staying out for too long. Refusing to stand in the shade.

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