Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gas Light

This story needs a lot of backstory to make any sense. I'm sorry. Here comes backstory.

1. Martin's 1996 Diesel Ford Truck has officially been retired. (Maybe not officially but its currently NOT running) He is now driving my old work car. A gray Camry. It looks exactly like my current work car, a gray Camry. The first night we had both of them pulled in the barn Martin took one look at the situation and said, Oh, aren't we so suburban!

2. I have a long history of never even thinking about filling up with gas until the low gas light comes on. There have been way too many arguments in our marriage centered around a long trip and my negligence with paying attention to the state of the gas light. In my defense, I have NEVER run out of gas. I have a very solid system for filling up with gas before running out and AFTER the low gas light appears.

3. This morning, Martin sent me this picture.

The attached caption to the text: Who have I become...

I'm going to call this one a win for the home team!

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