Friday, December 20, 2013


Helping daddy blow out his candles
Aubrey speaks like a 40 year old woman. My niece tells me this all the time. Her sentences are pretty wordy. There are no missing parts of speech. And she says funny and outdated sayings.

One day our friends came over in a rainstorm and Aubrey greeted them at the door by saying, It sure is rainy outside.

At 27, I still have to check myself for using well and good in the proper context. Aubrey will wake up every morning and ask me Did you sleep well last night?

Every time I put up in the DVD player for Aubrey to watch, she sits back on the couch, quietly claps her hands together and says This is going to be good!

I've been basically brushing off my niece's comments of her forty year old speech as some sort of anomaly with no clear answer to where she learned this speech.


I was making our bed the other night (moments before getting into it for the night, productive I know) and as I was laying down the third blanket to get cozied up in the cold weather I exclaimed, This is going to be great! 

Martin gave a quick laugh thinking I was imitating Aubrey, but really, that was my natural reaction to the situation. Mystery solved. I'm the forty year old teacher. I probably should stop saying Jeepers before it rubs off on Aubrey.

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