Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Age Appropriate

A phone conversation between Martin and myself circa 9:45 AM Sunday Morning.

Me: It was a really age appropriate birthday. We drank a lot of wine and made gnocchi from scratch. And then eventually we went to the bar for a couple of drinks. Today I feel like I'm going to die. I'm sweating. My whole body hurts.
Martin: Yep. That sounds like a hangover. Clear diagnosis. 

Lots of pauses in conversation.

Martin: Well, you're just blowing me away with your talkativeness. I'll talk to you later, love!


A text message from Amanda during said conversation. She's in her room. Less than 6 feet from me, in the living room.

Amanda: I'm dying


A conversation between Amanda and myself, minutes later

Me: I can't even function. I was talking to Martin on the phone and I felt like we had been talking forever, I couldn't even say anything. Then when I hung up I realized it had been three minutes and twenty eight seconds. 

I'm pretty sure this is what old feels like.

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