Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Sword in the Stone

Dental Hygienist: What is your favorite movie, Aubrey?
Aubrey: Well..... the BESTEST movie ever is.....THE SWORD IN THE STONE!
Dental Hygienist: Really. Wow. That's a different one. 


Aubrey: That is my sister. Her name is Sylvia.
Dental Hygienist: Oh, do you like to play with your sister?
Aubrey: Yeah. We played in my room for a little bit and then we came here
Dental Hygienist: What do you like to play with your sister? Do you like to play with dolls?
Aubrey: Well....actually.....I really like to play with my blocks. 
Dental Hygienist: Oh! What do you like to build with your blocks
Aubrey: I build a REALLY TALL TOWER!
Dental Hygienist: Do you build a tower so tall until it falls over?
Aubrey: No.....actually.....Sylvia knocks my tower over.
Dental Hygienist: Well that's what little sisters are for, huh?


Aubrey: Mom, are we coming back to the dentist tomorrow?
Me: No, not tomorrow. 
Random person in waiting room: Probably in six months.
Aubrey: Then where are we going tomorrow?
Me: Well, you're going to go to grandma's tomorrow
Aubrey: (to random person in waiting room): I am not going to come back here tomorrow. I am going to go to my grandma's house tomorrow.
Random person in waiting room: Oh, that will be fun
Aubrey: Yeah, it is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

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