Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Demolition and Home Improvements

On Sunday we spent the day dedicated to The Tree. The massive Dead tree in our front yard with a family of raccoons making a home for winter in the center of the trunk. The tree that was threatening to fall on our house during the year's first ice storm. The tree that incidentally was also obstructing the view of our home so I had yet to post a decent picture of the outside. That tree.

When I say WE devoted our day to this project I use that term very loosely because my involvement was minimal at best. Putting a chain saw in my hands would surely cause more destruction than good. But, Martin and our very generous neighbor Tom whom we'd be lost without most definitely devoted the day to this work.

And now it's down! And our home looks so lovely! And I can't imagine
I could be more happy to finally post a photo of the outside!

Also, our house was a little like grand central station on Sunday which is exactly what I've always wanted! People stopping over for lunch. Grilling and picnic tables. A friendly stop on the way to family dinner. Sharing dinner with us. It's basically my life dream and for the first time ever Sunday was the day it came true.

So keep coming! Stop over unannounced! Don't think you're imposing. You will literally be fulfilling a life dream of mine!

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