Sunday, November 4, 2012

Center Urinal

I still don't have Internet access at the new house and, in general, hate posting from my phone... But I also feel like I've been away for waaaay too long and need to get back to updating. Even if its for nothing other than my own sanity.

So a quick story from a great wedding we attended two weeks ago.

Martin: ( returning from the bathroom) you will never believe what just happened in there!
Me: what????
Martin: I walked in and there was a guy using the middle urinal!!
Me: so?
Martin: so, gabe went in the stall. So I had to use the urinal right next to him!
Me: ok??
Martin: you don't do that! It was like he wanted me to see his junk.

And I learned something new that night. You should never take the center urinal.

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  1. And I learned something new too! I never would have thought about it...