Monday, November 5, 2012

Pictures of the New House

I'm not really sure how these pictures are going to show up in the post. They are sort of hiding down at the bottom of my phone, but I wanted to post a few pictures of our new house. Here is the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room. The kitchen is by far my favorite room in the house! The giant butcher block counter island in the center apparently came from an old textile factory in buffalo and you can actually see million knife marks in one corner where the worker would throw the knife after cutting a button. I love the windows in the dining room. Right now we have a huge foldout table I borrowed from my mom in there but I have big plans for Martin and I to make a beautiful farmhouse table this winter. And the living room is super cozy. I an extremely excited about the fireplace and can't wait to start our first fire! Also, if you can't tell - there is a ton of built ins throughout the house. I basically put ALL of my pictures on the built in in the living room so it sort of looks like my camera threw up on that wall but I'm in love with it anyway!!

So ... That's our new house!


  1. OMG-AMAZING HOUSE. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the built in's.. how exciting. What an amazing home you'll have for your family. Beautiful kitchen.. I love it.. Congrats-LOVE Gretchen :-)

  2. Yayy! Finally :) your kitchen is amazing. what i'd do for a giant thick butchers block.....and I too love all those built-ins. I'm excited for you to reveal the location of this great house, Barre??

    Wish I could've gone home to see your parents this past weekend, they're becoming quite the regulars out guys should join them sometime :)


  3. Your new house looks great, Jenna! Congrats to you, Martin, and Aubrey :)