Friday, November 16, 2012

Uncle Gabe

Last night Martin and Gabe were lucky enough to attend a Buffalo Bills game. When they returned home last night Gabe crashed on our couch for the night since it was so late. This morning, Aubrey was really excited to go down and say good morning to him.

When I came downstairs after my shower she was sitting in her chair eating Cheerios. After she was done I let her out of the chair which is when she noticed the small gathering of cereal she had dropped on the ground throughout breakfast.

Aubrey: Oh no! Cheerios.
Me: I know! Who dropped those on the ground?
Aubrey: (without blinking an eye) Uncle Gabe.
(Aubrey walks over to Uncle Gabe)
Aubrey: Uncle Gabe, you get Cheerios on the floor!

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