Thursday, October 10, 2013


Setup: Martin is getting LASIK eye surgery at this very moment. I am sitting in the car with a sleeping Sylvia waiting to be his driver. We've spent the last three hours at the eye doctor mostly waiting around for his consult. I dressed Sylvia in a brown shirt with pink writing on it today. It's caused some confusion.  

Patient 1: oh look! He's so cute!
Patient 2: yes. He is being so good
Martin (whispered to me) : you had to go with earth tones didn't you? 

An hour or so later. A whole new set of patients. 

Patient: aren't you so handsome. Yes you are. You are so handsome. Hi handsome! Hi handsome! Hi handsome! 
Martin: brown was a bad choice. 


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  1. haha, it's a lose/lose situation at times. i'll have kade dressed in 100% boy attire and people still ask me.