Sunday, October 13, 2013

You Had to be There

Setup: First stop on a wine tour. Caton and Mike have just finished telling a story. I am laughing hysterically. At this point I can't remember the actual story, but I definitely remember thinking it was funny at the time.

Mike: Well, you sort of had to be there.
Caton: You can't say you had to be there unless no one is laughing. Jenna is cracking up.

Mike: (starting to tell another story): You kind of had to be there for this story.
Caton: Stop saying that! You can't say that at the beginning of a story. You need to wait until the end.


Setup: second stop on a wine tour.
Caton: Ryan, this is Jenna. This is her actual voice. She doesn't have an indoor voice.


Setup: I'm a prepared person
Me: I'm going to buy a bottle of wine for us to drink at the next winery. And I brought food. I have fruit and carrots and chips and salsa.
Judy: Wow, you are prepared. I was just happy I remembered to bring my toothbrush home.

At the second winery.

Caton: I think I'm going to buy this bottle of wine. Do you think they'll let us use our wine glasses if we drink it here?
Me:  I have plastic cups in my car if they don't.

Caton: Yeah, we're going to drink a bottle here outside. They sell food here. Natalie and Katie are getting some.
Me: They're buying food? I have food! I have fruit and chips and salsa and carrots.
Caton: We got it. You have a Mary Poppins car or something.
Me: What can I say, I'm a mom.


Setup: We pull into a parking lot of a winery and sort of stop our cars in a circle to decide if we should stop/have time to stop and still make it to the winery we want to go to before closing. We decide to go into the winery. Martin, being the inside car in the circle and the car the furthest from being parked in a reasonable fashion places the car into park.
Caton: Are you seriously going to park like that.
Martin: Yes, of course!

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