Monday, October 28, 2013

The Sack

Last year for Christmas, Ingrid got us a Cheese of the Month club. Actually it might be Fruit of the Month? Either way, each month we get a fruit, a cheese and a side (usually some kind of cracker). This month the side was a small bag of almonds that came in a cloth sack.

Me: Aubrey, would you like this little bag? You can put it in your playroom and use it to carry things.
Martin: (just barely containing his laughter) Yeah, you can carry nuts in it. It's a nut sack.
Aubrey: (ignoring Martin) Oh yay! I will go put this in my playroom!
Martin: Aubrey, can you come thank mommy for that nutsack. Say, mommy - thank you for the nutsack.
Aubrey: Mommy, thank you for the nutsack.
Me: Martin, you are disgusting.
Martin: (laughing uncontrollably) I really hope she tells your mom about that. She'll be like mommy gave me a nutsack!
Aubrey: (talking to Sylvia and not paying attention to us): Look at my NUTSACK!!!
Martin: (laughing uncontrollably)
Me: You are a terrible person.

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