Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Setup: Martin is an excellent hashtagger. I really wish he had a smartphone and the ability to hashtag everything because his side comments are always so amazing. Of course, some of the glamour might be lost in the ability to actually hashtag because part of the fun is in the out loud conversational hashtags. 

Aubrey: wait mom, don't go downstairs. It's a red sign. (We both stop with our toes on the edge of the top step) ok. Green sign. Go! (We both begin to descend the staircase in a very leisurely, unracelike fashion. I reach the bottom first) mom! Come back up here! I'm supposed to win! 
Me: Aubrey. I have to feed Sylvia and get ready for work. If you wanted to win you should have walked faster. 
Martin: hashtag entitledgeneration 


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