Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dinner Training

After a few weeks (let's be honest, probably closer to months) of feeding Aubrey a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or noodles for dinner in the name of not wanting to argue - I finally decided enough was enough the other night and Martin and I came together as the united front of eat what we're eating or go to bed. This is going pretty well, with the exception of the night that Aubrey shoved food into her mouth without really swallowing it until she puked.

Aubrey: I have to go poop
Me: Well I guess you should have thought about that before you decided to sit at the table being such a baby about dinner. Finish that plate and then you can go to the bathroom.
Martin: Wow! You're good. I'm over here thinking I'm really tough and then you go and refuse bathroom privileges.
Me: Oh, she doesn't really have to go. She just pooped before her bath. It's a trick to leave the table.
Martin: I wish you hadn't told me that because I was really impressed.

after Martin comes down from putting Aubrey to bed.

Martin: She wasn't lying. That's the biggest turd I've EVER seen come out of her.

Sylvia let's out a cry from upstairs (we're also in the midst of attempting to train her to fall asleep without a bottle and sleep through the night)

Martin: Oh kids, give it up! 
Me: Ha!
Martin: I like to think my parents' had this lighthearted banter when I was bad as a kid, but I'm pretty sure they didn't
Me: Why are you pretty sure they didn't
Martin: I don't know. I just think they were all stern and pissed even after I was in bed.

Dishes: A favorite toy in this household

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