Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chocolate Raspberry Milkshakes

Back way too long ago to just be posting about now. I'm talking over a month ago, Aubrey and I went raspberry picking at Panek's Pickin' Patch. Aubrey pretty much ate her weight in raspberries in the patch, but it was extremely hot this particular day and I pretty much put my nose to the grindstone and picked as quickly as possible while Aubrey leisurely ate every berry within reach.

Most of our pickings were quickly gobbled up on their own before, during and after lunch. But I managed to set a few aside for an after lunch treat the I think you should probably make sometime soon. Chocolate Raspberry Milkshakes. You need vanilla ice cream, milk, chocolate syrup and some fresh raspberries. I tend to like my milkshakes really think so I go a little heavier on the ice cream lighter on the milk, but you can make yours however you prefer. Throw them all in a blender and blend to desired consistency. Trust won't be dissapointed. Mind blowing milkshake.


  1. So glad you're back, we missed you!

  2. Thank you! I've missed being away, but sometimes life just gets in the way of the things you enjoy the most.