Thursday, August 9, 2012


Have you ever heard of a doppelganger? It's your look-a-like. Your counterpart floating somewhere out there in the world. Martin and I are pretty obsessed with How I Met Your Mother and they are pretty obsessed with doppelgangers on that show, so you could say the concept is definitely on our radar. A few weeks ago we were looking through old college yearbooks from Martin's mom and on the very first page I turned to - A DOPPELGANGER! Pictured right in the center is our close friend Dan Dresser (or it might as well be). The similarities are uncanny! It was a real breakthrough moment for both of us and something that we were probably a little too excited about.

Rudolf M. Wolff (aka Dan Dresser)


  1. the dude in the top right corner looks like pastor josh

    1. oh my gosh! You are right!!! I didn't even notice that I was so busy looking at the Dan Dresser look-a-like front and center. Good eye!