Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today is our four year wedding anniversary! We ringing in four years in the most exciting way we could think of (Martin is hauling corn while they chop on the farm and I am pulling my eyes out trying to get Aubrey to pee in a potty). But, even though this sounds less than perfect, with both of us home from work - it pretty much is perfect. I'll make Martin some sandwiches for lunch and then Aubrey and I will go out to the truck and ride around with him for a few hours. Aubrey will munch on cheerios and ham slices and fruit snacks and then fall asleep to the movement of the truck while Martin and I spend the afternoon discusssing really important things in our lives (there's nothing really important going on in our lives so we'll probably talk about completely random topics interspersed with anecdotes about our adorable daughter. If our conversation is anything like yesterdays we'll get in a really heated debate about politics which is my favorite kind to have with Martin (I'm an eternal cynic while he has a somewhat more optimistic view of the future). And then we'll come together for dinner again at night (I'm thinking seafood salad, shrimp skewers and a steak).

Martin, I love you and even though being able to predict the details of my day an entire day in advance is something that I never would have expected myself loving, I love that I can predict them with you.

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  1. WOW! 4 years! Congrats!!

    ps. i'm sad this week is almost over and we haven't gotten together... too much going on! :(