Monday, August 6, 2012

Thuggin' It

My brother, Mitchell, sent me this photo of Aubrey wearing his hat backwards today. I'm obviously totally biased but I think she looks absolutely adorable, even if she does look like a gangster.

On a sidenote: while I was at work today someone came in wearing a motorcylce helmet with the shield pulled down. This made it impossible to see the man's face. While I knew it was improbable -for some reason the first thought that entered my mind was oh no! He's going to rob the store. Why else would he be covering his face so I won't be able to describe it to a police officer later. Trust me, this seemed like a totally rational explanation at the time. So rational, that I felt it completely neccesary to hang behind him throughout the store until he was safetly out the doors just in case he tried to attack my cashier and grab her money - I would be nearby to save the day.

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