Saturday, August 25, 2012


I'm on vacation from work for the entire week! starting today!!!! I was initially trying to make plans to actually do something or go somewhere (I don't think I've ever taken a week's vacation without a trip in mind and the original thought of it was giving me an ulcer) But I've since gotten myself really pumped up to stay home!

We started vacation off the right way last night with popcorn and pizza and family time (minus Martin who is at a weekend bachelor getaway).

Then today we got fresh produce and groceries for an entire week's worth of delicious food. I have a huge menu planned with recipes I've been drooling over on pinterest and I'm trying all new ones everyday this week! Making this decision is probably the key move that brought me from having an ulcer over not going anywhere to positively estatic to stay home for a week.

I'm also planning on hopefully potty training Aubrey this week. We have a bridal shower tomorrow, but after that we are holing up and not going anywhere until this girl is peeing in a toilet!(I'm really crossing my fingers that this works!) I would really like to fill my week up with dinner guests though....and I hopefully have a pretty amazing meal list planned so if you'd like to come over shoot me a text and we can make plans! (And if it helps aid in people's willingness to attend dinner - I am always willing to provide your beverage of choice, even if it's a beverage I can not partake in drinking at this time)

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