Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Newlyweds Game

Today we're headed east for an engagement celebration of our good friends Matt and Judy. I'm sure we will have plenty of fun hanging out on the water, catching up with old friends and most definitely chasing after Aubrey. (Also, we're stopping at a Brockway Truck Show on the way - something that Martin holds much more excitement for than I).

On one of the most recent times we've seen Matt and Judy we headed down to Letchworth State Park with the two of them and Caton. On the way home from our trip we started playing The Newlyweds Game. Caton was the mediator and developed questions for one or the other spouse (or spouse to be!) to answer. The  answers proved to be sidesplittingly ridiculous.

Caton: Ok, this question is for the boys. What is your significant other's favorite color?
Martin: Oh, that's easy. All girls favorite color is pink
Me: (groans) No! We had this exact same question last time Caton was home and we played this game and that is the exact same answer you gave last time. Which is still wrong!

Caton: Where was your first kiss?
Martin: I remember this was something I was going to remember forever. When it happened I remember thinking - I need to remember this spot forever.
Me: And?...
Martin: was in Ithaca.....
Me: Yeah, where?
Martin: It was on a parkbench?
Me: Ugh! No.

Caton: What do the two of you spend most of your time talking about?
Martin: Our feelings.
Me: What? No! I was going to say Aubrey.
Martin: Oh, well I think all couples should spend more time talking about their feelings.
Matt: It's not appropriate to say.
Judy: What???
Matt: Uhh. Um.. it's not appropriate.
Judy: I was going to say my horse!
Caton: Do you guys talk about inappropriate things a lot?
Judy: I don't think so.

In all fairness, not a single one of us knew the answer to the following question, but I still think Martin's response is ridiculous.
Caton: What day did you get engaged?
Martin: Well....I'm pretty sure it was in December.
Me: You aren't even positive about the month?!

As you've probably guessed, Martin and I did not win this particular round of the Newlyweds Game....but I was reaffirmed that Martin will continue to make me laugh until I have cramps for years to come. Even if he can't remember anything surrounding major events in our relationship.

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