Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm A Dad

As I mentioned previously, on Saturday we went to celebrate the engagement of our good friends, Matt and Judy. We were well aware that said engagement party was going to be taking place at a lakehouse and that we should bring proper lake attire (ie. a bathing suit). On the night before the party when we were coordinating logistics with Martin's brother, Gabe, Martin asked him if he was going to bring his swim trunks. His comment was that he wasn't planning on swimming.

Fast forward 18 hours:

Judy's Dad: Who wants to go for a ride on the pontoon boat and swimming in the middle of the lake?
Gabe: Me!

As we were jumping off the boat into the middle of the lake I realized Martin was wearing swim trunks (which he had packed) and Gabe, who's idea of appropriate attire for a day at the lake is the same as appropriate attire for a chilly day in October and is also the very same appropriate attire for a blizzard in early February - long jeans and work boots. (I'm familiar with this thought process because it took my years to convert Martin away from this type of ridiculousness) Gabe was wearing Martin's shorts.

Me: Martin, do you have any shorts to wear home tonight?
Martin: Huh?
Me: Gabe is wearing your shorts. They are soaking wet. What are you going to wear home.
Martin: I'm a dad! I came prepared! I have two pairs of shorts. I brought like three shirts. Jeez, give me some credit!

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