Friday, October 19, 2012

Closing Time

Today we are closing on our DREAM HOUSE!!!! I can't even contain my excitement! This is a day I never thought would come and a house we've been pining over for two years! (that's not even an exaggeration). Martin and I used to drive by the house on Sunday afternoons and Martin would say If we ever get that house it is going to be the best story to tell the kids. How we drove by it every Sunday just lusting over it.

And today is the day! We have a really busy weekend ahead of us before we go back to work on Monday so I have really high ambitions of getting everything moved in today. Wish us luck!

And a few fun packing stories:

Me: (taking pictures off the walls on Tuesday night and putting them in a box)
Martin: What are you doing?
Me: Packing up our pictures.
Martin: But then the walls will be bare. I've grown accustomed to looking at nice walls!

Me: (packing up the way too many wine glasses we own on Wednesday morning while Aubrey eats a bowl of cereal. As I pack, I'm wrapping the glasses in paper I'm ripping out of a magazine)
Aubrey: Whatcha making?
Me: I'm packing up these wine glasses for when we move to our new house on Friday.
Aubrey: Oh.......but whatcha making?
Me: I'm not making anything, I'm just packing these glasses.
Aubrey: Oh.....thanks mommy.

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the house to post at the moment. But I'll be sure to take some and post them as soon as possible. I have so many great plans for every room and I can't wait to put them into action!

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  1. I keep checking your blog, excitingly anticipating what house it is! Excited for you guys :)