Monday, December 3, 2012

Museum of Play

I've been away from the blogging world for way too long. I'm starting to get the shakes. Regularly scheduled programming to hopefully resume now....

Because Aubrey has way more toys than neccesary for any two year old child. And because I really like the idea of doing things rather than getting things, we decided to have a family day and take Aubrey to the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester. You guys....This place is AWESOME!  I remember going with the McKenna's once as a kid and loving it then, and now almost 20 years later it is truely just as cool as it was back then!

Aubrey really enjoyed the Sesame Street section and spent a good hour or more playing around in here. Martin, who doesn't have the interest of a two year old kept asking her, Do you want to go play with something else, at which point she would promptly run back to one of the exhibits within the Sesame Street display that she had just been playing with and resume her play.

And really, who can blame her when there are circles to turn that turn letter blocks.

And PVC pipes to bang to make music.

We did eventually leave Sesame Street.....The Dora Exhibit was a close second in terms of favorites for Aubrey.

The whole experience was so much fun, I think I've decided that from now forward birthdays are for going somewhere and doing something and not for physical presents.

Martin also had a lot of fun finding his inner child...

Martin: Check out my house.
Me: You want me to take your picture with it?
Martin: I think you probably should......I would have made the coolest pioneer! We would have had a kickass log cabin!

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