Saturday, February 9, 2013


Aubrey has decided that one of her best friends is our five year old neighbor, Max. She wants to be just like Max. She loves playing chase with Max. Wearing underpants like Max might be the only thing that gets her potty trained. Of course, Max also has no qualms with dropping his pants to his ankles and peeing facing the road, hopefully she doesn't pick that tip up from him. Max can literally do no wrong.

Lucky for her, the feelings are mutual. Max recently had to make an All About Myself poster for school and one of the spaces to fill in was a spot to list your five closest friends. Guess who made the cut?

Aubrey. (and also all three of my brothers -Alex, I know you're the only one who will read this so go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Jessica, you can probably pat Mitchell on the back for this accomplishment. And I don't think Garrett comes as a surprise to anyone -  and I think one friend from school.)

Max recently told his father that Aubrey was his girlfriend. If this mutual infatuation continues when they are 13 and 16, I might grow concerned.....but for now, it's just fun to watch them play chase.

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