Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our First Stay-te

About a month ago, Aubrey and I went over to have dinner with our friend Katie and her daughter Karalyn. During the course of our conversation, Katie mentioned that her husband was obsessed with Stay-tes or Stay at Home Dates. While she was a little begrudging towards them, and while I definitely see the value in leaving the house without your children once in a while, I was still intrigued. I just feel like calling the regular things you do at home together dates might make them a little more fun and exciting.

One thing Martin and I do in the winter in watch TV series. We started way behind the rest of America watching The Office last winter and were finally closing in on catching up to current this winter. We usually watch an episode or two together every night. It's one of those shows that we have to watch together and skipping ahead without the other is a punishable offense. Hence, it's taken us two years to watch 8 seasons. We finally closed in on Season 9 (the current season that I actually hate but feel like I've invested so much time into the show I have to watch it till its end) a few weeks ago and were at the point were last night we were going to finish the series to current. So I decided it would be a perfect night for a Stay-te. I text Martin during the day and asked if he would be interested in picking up a pizza on his way home from his church council meeting and a 6 pack of some good beer. I could enjoy a half a bottle and Martin could enjoy a few. I was really proud of myself for putting together a perfect Stay-te and also for exempting myself from cooking (sidenote: our house is once again almost completely barren of food).

From there, things derailed quickly. Martin's church council meeting went an hour later than anticipated meaning he didn't get home till nine with a pizza that was ready at 7:45 (needless to say, no longer warm). I was just finishing up feeding Sylvia (so that was perfect timing) and Martin set us up with two open beers and pizza on paper plates, while I laid Sylvia in her cradle. Aubrey, who was still awake to say good night to her daddy settled on the couch with us to watch the office. Before the opening credits, though, she starting puking violently and uncontrollably out of nowhere. Suddenly we were scrambling trying to contain the vomit and give Aubrey a bath and spray Resolve all over the couch. And the cold pizza continued to get colder. When all was settled down and everyone was clean and healthy and sleeping we finally sat down, scrunched up on the half a couch that still had a cushion on it to finish up with our Stay-te. Cold pizza, warmish beer, and a rapidly declining show. But we did it! We are all caught up on The Office!  And just in time for Sylvia's midnight feeding.

And the good thing is: our Stay-te's can only improve from here!


  1. We have that same thing! Date night... at home, around a TV show... but we have ice cream instead of supper. It is nice to go out once in a while, but staying home and being happy at home, is a wonderful thing that people don't appreciate like they use to. Love you guys! Will see you soon!! XOXOXOXOXO Jennifer

  2. We do the same though i don't call it date night.. it's become too much of a norm in our house (not the ordering pizza bit) but the having a nice meal, catching up on some shows cuddled under a blanket and having something sweet before bed to call it a date..though that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it.. i do.