Thursday, February 28, 2013

Drowning My Feelings in Pancakes

My day so far today has gone something like this.....Sylvia was up between 2 AM and 2:45 alternating between eating and pooping. At 5 AM, Aubrey woke up and came into my bedroom, ready to start the day. I tried to get her to lay down and sleep with me, then realized she was in desperate need of a diaper change. So....we changed her diaper and went downstairs to get a cup of milk. We got back upstairs at 5:15 - just in time for Sylvia to wake up and eat again. While I fed Sylvia, Aubrey whined about wanting to go downstairs and play. I wrapped up the feeding, lay Sylvia down and brought Aubrey downstairs in hopes of distracting her with Diego while I took a nap. Unfortunately, we use my brother's netflix account....meaning when he changes his password like he did last night, we can't log in. I settled for popping in Madagascar and returned to my bed at 5:44. Aubrey got bored of the movie and came upstairs at 6:04. I got Aubrey settled down and back to sleep around 6:40. Sylvia awoke to eat once again at 7:08.

I remedied the situation by doing what any sane person would do with similar feelings of frustration and made a GIANT batch of pancakes. Because nothing cheers you up like pancakes.

Aubrey dropped a piece of her pancake on the floor and her immediate response to the situation went something like this:

Aubrey: Uh-oh. I dropped a piece of pancake. My dog's gonna have to clean it up.
Me: Aubrey, you don't have a dog.
Aubrey: Oh. I clean it up. I'm a dog.
(gets on the floor and eats the piece of pancake)
Aubrey: That's gross. worked....pancakes have improved my day already!

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