Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter Festival

On Saturday, Aubrey and I were riding around together and I decided to give my sister-in-law (Aubrey's godmother whom spoils her way too much a call). I was calling to invite us over to her house and offer to bring lunch along as a peace offering for invading any other plans she had on a Saturday. Jen had an even better idea! There was a winter festival going on at the local elementary school so we headed over there for some horses, facepainting, basket auction, reptile and exotic animal show action!

Aubrey made a lion magnet which hangs proudly on our refrigerator, but she was most excited about the fire hat and fire hydrant erasers she picked up from the fire departments booth. Oh, and the junior fire fighter sticker which she proudly showed off to her daddy later in the evening. And she's been having a lot of fun telling people about all the animals she saw at the reptile show. She had so much fun she basically fell asleep as soon as I turned the car on to head for home.

Thanks for a great afternoon, Jen!

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