Monday, July 15, 2013

Five Months

Five months.
::sitting up is our latest development of the weekend::
::we've finally moved out of 0-3 month clothes and into 3-6::
::I should revise that previous statement to say I've packed up (most of) the 0-3 month clothes but we've only bothered with a diaper in the heat::
:: We're practically sleeping through the night! Usually a one am wakeup with a few nights right through!::
::Grabbing is our new favorite thing and Aubrey is quickly learning that Sylvia, please don't pull my hair is a phrase she'll be using often::

Sometimes I look at Sylvia and I wonder how she is growing so quickly. Other times I watch her next to Aubrey and think, you girls are only two years apart and yet there's whole worlds between you.

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