Monday, July 29, 2013


This past weekend the girls and I headed to Pennsylvania for a reunion of sorts with Michelle and Katie! Spending a weekend with the girls was nothing short of amazing and I've seriously missed seeing their faces every day when we were in college.

Some highlights of the weekend:
A six hour car-ride with two ticking time bombs (i.e. my children) - both bombs went off, on separate occasions.
Six hours of delightful conversation with Michelle during said car ride.
Two bottles of wine and way too many tacos enjoyed with lots of laughter and catching up.
A long walk into town, an hour in a toy store, and a sweaty walk home carrying a sleeping toddler.
A lot of trying to convince Katie to have a baby immediately
Frozen yogurt. "ohhh! We can get as many flavors as we want!" ...."I think I just had too many flavors going on in my yogurt. And too many toppings. There was a lot going on there." ..."That is not surprising, have you ever seen yourself get a fountain drink?"..."Hahaha. True"....Every flavor, in the cup.
Mini-golf! Three adults hitting the ball, and one toddler dropping her ball into the hole for a Hole in One!
A growler fill and some local brews.
Dinner at an outdoor restaurant! Ok, one beer and then a lot of rain. And pants that looked like they were peed in (due to rain......we think....) And food boxed up for carryout.
A game that I apparently gave to Katie claiming it was The Best game ever. I have no recollection of playing before this weekend.
A brief conversation with Katie's husband via phone during which he repeatedly made clear his wishes that my children should be asleep.
Healthy pancakes.....which were delicious, and also tasted like healthy pancakes.....(good, but not as good as the real thing)
Not nearly enough time, but can't wait for the next time!

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