Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Having my mother-in-law teach Aubrey how to swim this summer has been an absolute blessing! Aubrey, while still a far cry from an actual fish in the water truly loves to swim around in the water (mostly with her head dry). She asks to go swimming almost daily and is never ready to get out of the pool when swimming is done for the day. I'm fully aware that most children aren't lucky enough to have grandmother's with access to full size swimming pools and offer private swimming lessons, but I sure am glad that my children have that privilege.

And, for good measure, a completely unrelated story:
Aubrey: Good night, mommy.
Me: Good night honey, Love you! See you tomorrow morning.
Aubrey: Hey mom.
Me: Yes?
Aubrey: I got lots of work to do.
Me: Oh yeah?
Aubrey: Yeah. I got to go to bed. And then wake up when the sun comes up.

Life doesn't get much busier than that! Important stuff!

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